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Salt & Water: Innovative floating hotel


Salt & Water, an innovative architecture and yacht design company, is behind an avant-garde project in Serbia: a floating hotel. Between land and lake, this property blends luxury and sustainability.

The company wants to build environmentally friendly and luxurious apartments on water. This floating hotel is divided into two main sections: one part will be floating on the water, while the other land-based wing will include a reception office, restaurant and party room.

In addition, the hotel will have mobile floating suites resembling small private catamarans. The complex will be equipped with a port to which each apartment will be attached. Nonetheless, visitors will still be able to navigate freely on the lake. These boats/suites sail at low speeds to allow their passengers to enjoy the water, the sky and the environment around them.

This innovative project from the Serbian design studio has been awarded the Millennium Yacht Design Awards 2015 prize for the best yacht designer.

The project has been designed in order to increase tourist traffic to rarely visited parts of Serbia and will be exported to the main European lakes and rivers.

These suites, set on the water, offer an unrivalled proximity to nature. The project is environmentally friendly; the developers have ensured that no construction is done on the lake, so that the flora and fauna are preserved.

With the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) in the region and their rising interest in Eastern Europe, the project is sure to take off as soon as the first units are delivered in Q4 2016.

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