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Movies as marketing tools


A British Airways research reveals that UAE travellers are influenced by movies when it comes to choosing their travel destination.

The survey reveals that one in four surveyed UAE residents says that the Bond films – which feature the suave and sophisticated British secret service agent 007 – inspire them to travel to the UK.

The iconic secret agent is followed by Harry Potter, with 22 percent of the respondents stating that the movie led them to London. To conclude, 15 per cent mentioned that Sherlock Holmes was their main inspiration to visit the UK.

“The UK is full of locations that have been featured on the big and small screens – from Oxfordshire in Downton Abbey to Northern Ireland in Game of Thrones, there are many places worth exploring over the summer. Our flights from the UAE to London are one of the most popular routes within the Middle East and, as always, we will be offering the best of British hospitality that our customers have come to expect on all our flights,” says Paolo De Renzis, British Airways’ area commercial manager for the Middle East and Central Asia.

A recent research also revealed that London was the top outbound European destination for UAE travellers.

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