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Tesla Model S: The electric engine giving performance cars a run for their money


American electric car manufacturer, Tesla Motors Inc., recently revealed a version of its flagship product, the Tesla Model S.

Founded in 2003, Tesla Motors is based in California and began its journey as a start-up. Five years later, the young company is revolutionising the automotive landscape by signing its first model, the Tesla Roadster, a fully electric sports car.

The Tesla Model S puts the vehicle manufacturer on the map as an innovative company pushing the boundaries of technology. The electric sedan is the first model to compete against performance car brands such as Porsche or Lamborghini.

Tesla Model S owners can take the wheel in a comfortable, welcoming interior, which combines heating, adjustable electric seats, a steering wheel that can be adjusted to the preferences of the driver and an audio system with very high fidelity sound.

Driving the vehicle is enjoyable, the model is equipped with a 17-inch tablet inserted into the dashboard to control media files and maps, while a second touchscreen, located just in front of the driver, will configure all adjustments it deems necessary, such as energy consumption, thus providing a fully customised driving programme.


The Luxury car is also equipped with an autopilot programme, working with different tools such as radar or a camera on the front of the vehicle to detect the surrounding motorists and modulate the car’s speed accordingly, thus ensuring maximum passenger safety. Furthermore, a new safety system was put in place allowing the car to break on its own in case of emergency.

This surprising model works with an electric engine, located at the rear of the vehicle. Described by the brand as “smaller, lighter and more powerful”, it allows the car to have a remarkable autonomy and an impressive acceleration. The Tesla S can go no less than 502 km without having to be re-energised.

With 421 horsepower, the Tesla model manages to go from zero to 100 kmh in just 4.4 seconds, reaching a top speed of 210 kmh.

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