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Oud is the new rosewood

Closeup of bottles of essential oils used in perfume making disp


Luxury perfume brands release oud-based fragrances for international markets.

“There are some things that are not defined by gender, but by mood. Gucci Oud is one of these. I wanted to create a fragrance that would evoke the sense you get when in a mysterious, captivating and unfamiliar land – when you are seduced by a curious experience, and dream of it afterwards,” says Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director while talking about the oud scent and its importance in the latest Gucci fragrance.

Oud perfumes are generally unisex allowing the brands to reach a larger audience. More and more brands are tapping into the oud fragrance market, with Rochas, Chopard and Dolce&Gabbana recently releasing oud-based perfumes.

“We used to develop these products primarily with the Middle East region in mind, but now we have decided to introduce them in some European department stores, such as the Harrods in London and Galleries Lafayette in Paris. They are selling quite well in those markets, although they may not reflect a local interest since a lot of tourists from the Middle East region shop there. However, oud-based products are best sellers there as well,” explains Alain Lorenzo, president and CEO of fragrance brands at LVMH.

The European market is starting to be exposed to this new scent and seems to be adopting it slowly; The Middle East, on the other hand, has a penchant for these types of products.

“We know there is this tradition of [buying] oud-based fragrances in the region, which is why, over the past four to five years, we have taken some of our best fragrances and launched their oud-based versions. However, I did not expect them to do so well. We heard about the proportion from one of Chalhoub Group’s representatives that conducted research and told me about this amazing number, which really took me by surprise,” adds Lorenzo.

The oud has a long history and a bright future ahead, one of the most iconic scents of the Arab world is now developing a more global appeal.

Lewis Peacock, Gucci Fragrance experts explains how the brand balanced and adapted the strong oud scent  to the western customers.


Lewis Peacock Gucci fragrance expert speaks about Oud scent from Aficionado on Vimeo.



Originally published on Aficionado, sister publication of, by Mehdi Mabrouk

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