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Luxury brands and motorsports, an unlikely matrimony


It comes naturally for luxury brands to team up with showbiz celebrities to promote their products, some labels, however, have turned to motorsports for that same purpose.

The US-based travel accessories brand Tumi recently announced an association with Formula One giant, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One team. Supplying the team with their travel collection, the brand was able to identify the subtle similarities between a race team and a luggage brand.

“The unity between our two companies embodies the sophistication, creativity and innovative design which characterise both brands,” explains Jerome Griffith, CEO of Tumi. “As leaders in our respective fields, Mercedes AMG Petronas and Tumi create a powerful synergy that expresses our shared dedication for outstanding performance. We anticipate with enthusiasm the team’s continued success and a rewarding experience together.”

Associating with a team that travels the world to 20 iconic locations throughout the year is a smart move for the American brand, knowing that the AMG F1 team won the World Championship in 2014. It will definitely give more exposure to both labels this season.

“The demands of travelling around the globe to 20 Grand Prix locations require a premium travel product and we are delighted that the team will benefit from Tumi’s expertise in design excellence, innovation and functionality,” says Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport.

Motorsports have a strong global following and Tumi is not the only brand using this exposure to its advantage.

Tag Heuer is the official sponsor of F1 icon Jenson Button and the actor-racer Patrick Dempsey, while Chopard has long been supporting the Mille Miglia race – a ritual gathering that brings together, in Italy, car aficionados from all over the world. The brand took the partnership to the next level by creating a fragrance specifically for the race, Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme.

“Since 1988, the company has supported the Mille Miglia race, celebrating each meeting through a limited-edition Mille Miglia watch. Last year, Chopard launched the Chopard 1000 Miglia perfume, a seductive and sophisticated fragrance that reflected the spirit of this unique event,” a statement from the brand reveals.

Whether it is sponsorships, endorsements or exclusive products, luxury brands are proving eager to get in the passenger seat next to their partners in the motoring world.