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Five things you didn’t know about the Bentley Mulsanne


Ahead of the Middle East launch of the 2015 Bentley Mulsanne, LuxuryMena compiles five interesting facts about this ultra-luxury model.

Here they are:

The first Bentley Mulsanne was produced by Bentley Motors in 1980, with production continuing through to 1992. Bentley then revived the Mulsanne name with a redesigned flagship model in 2010, which makes the now household name more than 35 years old.

The name “Mulsanne” is derived from Bentley’s famous racing history, which included five victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1924 and 1930 — the ‘Mulsanne Straight’ being the stretch of the Le Mans racecourse where cars reach their highest speeds.

Mulsanne is also the name of part of the Sarthe department in the region of Pays-de-la-Loire in north-western France, home to the Le Mans circuit, where the 24-hour endurance race is held.

It takes nine weeks to build a Mulsanne, with the engine alone taking up to 30 hours to assemble.

The Mulsanne is encased with a ‘ring of wood’ waist rail that goes around the whole of the cabin, forming one unbroken piece of unbleached wood for a natural appearance.

Some 35 years after the first Mulsanne took to the road, Bentley once again proves that it always has room – and the determination – for improvement.

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