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Custom-made cars gain popularity in the Middle East

Rolls Royce


After Aston Martin’s announcement of its configuration app, looks into the world of car customisation in the Middle East.

The app, that allows users to configure all models of the Aston Martin range, gives its users a full selection of interior and exterior colours, materials and finishes to adapt whichever model to their wants and needs.

With such a high number of UHNWIs in the region, customising cars has become a norm in the Middle East.

“A car is not a car anymore, for us, it is tailor-made to the individual,” says Neil Slade, general manager for Aston Martin Middle East and North Africa.

Luxury car brands such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce and McLaren all allow their customers to customise the vehicles.

“Customisation is a much bigger part of our business,” explains Slade, “it is what people now want.”

While customisation can range from specific leather for the car’s seats to diamonds encrusted into the gear stick, Rolls Royce’s bespoke programme lets its customers customise everything, right down to the smallest detail.

“The Middle East, as we at Rolls-Royce know it, is on the top of the list of most prolific markets when it comes to personalising one’s vehicle,” says Alaa Tarabay, corporate communications and marketing manager at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East, Africa and Latin America, to Aficionado, sister publication to, earlier this year. “The demand for Bespoke at Rolls-Royce from the region has been on an almost vertical growth path since we introduced it shortly after the rebirth of Rolls-Royce under the BMW Group Umbrella in 2003.”

“Every region is different. For example, Qatar is probably the leading country in the world for personalisation, it’s amazing, every single person wants something different, be it a kind of gold-plated leather to the brightest orange material in the inside of the car, to badges made of solid gold, the dials made of solid silver to even some of the surfaces made from sea shells or shells from beetles, there are so many options,” states Slade.

Many luxury car manufacturers are focusing on the Middle East as a theme. For example, Bentley has attracted Middle Eastern customers into customising vehicles by giving them a choice of having special veneers and wood inlays with an Arabic theme or script.

“The most common requests we get from customers relate to exterior paint schemes, most notably paint combinations, as well as Bespoke paint commissions where our paint technicians, designers and engineers would create a one-off paint hue to match our customers’ preference,” Tarabay reveals.


Customisation may be a form of differentiating themselves and creative enjoyment, but with such an increase in the market, is bespoke still unique?



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