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Five minutes with MrMoudz


LuxuryMena catches up with Mahmoud Sidani, aka MrMoudz, to talk background, current projects and the Middle East fashion industry.

Can you tell us more about yourself and your career?

I am originally Lebanese but I grew up in Saudi Arabia. I moved to Lebanon at the age of 16, completed my education and moved to Dubai three years ago.

You moved from working with Level Shoe District to setting up your own fashion consultancy company: how was the transition and what were the challenges?

The transition was definitely exciting and scary at the same time, because taking that step where you don’t have a fixed income every month is a major thing when you are young. Thankfully, I have my family backing me and supporting me every step of the way.

It is a step that I felt I wanted to take at this age because I am still quite young; my previous job taught me a lot of things and gave me exposure to the fashion industry.  I think that life is about taking chances and I don’t want to leave room for regret. I am doing what I love, following my dreams. Do what you truly love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

You work on a lot of projects, how do you differentiate your brand from you consultancy?

So I work on my brand, MrMoudz, I do projects, personal appearances, along with managing my social media pages. Fashion consultancy, on the other hand, is where I work with select brands on a wide range of projects such as special events, brand development, digital and buying, to name a few. It covers all scopes of the fashion industry. Coming from a buying background, it really helps me show my clients both sides of the industry.

What’s your opinion of the local fashion and creative market? How did it evolve since you came?

I think there is so much talent in the Middle East, and in Dubai, it is amazing. I don’t think that a lot of these young designers are given the right chance, nor are they given the right guidance. I am not saying I know it all; I think that a lot of those young designers are eager and I really want to help them in the near future.

There is a lot of talent in the region. I just think it needs to be highlighted and presented properly.

Coming from a department store background, do you think that big industry players are giving young designers their chance?

I believe that everyone is out there trying to find the next big thing before everyone else; I know that when I was with Level Shoe District, we were very keen on promoting local talents and finding people with potential, working together to turn them into big brands. It is great and that is something that Level Shoe District did very well, promoting local talents.

What are your fashion essentials?

I think what every man needs in his closet is the perfect white shirt, the kind you can wear with jeans or with a nice tuxedo. It is basic, the equivalent of a little black dress for women. You need a classic black suit or tuxedo and with men it is so easy, you can wear the same suit at all events and weddings – as long as you choose the right tie and shirt.

You also have to use good grooming products; in my case, I love Tom Ford.

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