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Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton opens up at IWC talk in Dubai


Giving back

In the future, Hamilton does not, per say, feel the need to directly give back to Formula One; he would rather do it indirectly through supporting upcoming talented drivers and delving into humanitarian work in general.

“I feel like I have more of an opportunity to encourage young kids to work hard at school and to make better and wiser decisions, to continue to believe in themselves and stay focused on their dreams,” Hamilton said.

“Not only little kids but also underprivileged children… I love working with UNICEF for example I’ve been to Africa and the Philippines and different countries, which I’ve really loved, so that’s where my heart is. When I stop racing that’s how I want to spend most of my time,” he added.

Hamilton does not aspire to have his own race team, but in the future he’d love to “build a car, not a Formula One car but a road car, I like being creative.”

When off the race course, Hamilton – being a car lover – is building a collection of his favourite cars. This includes a Cadillac Escalade, a Mercedes Maybach, a GL and SLS Black Series, a McLaren P1, a Pagani Zonda and a couple of Ferraris. He also has a couple of classic cars like a Cobra 1967 signed by Carroll Shelby.

“I actually found it and he checked it for me before I bought it and suggested that I should get it and then died like a couple of months later. At the moment there are no other cars that I am dreaming of, but I’m always looking,” he said.

At the end of the talk, IWC fired a round of ’10 questions in 60 seconds’ with the champion, and this is how it went:

Time for you moves too fast or too slow?
Too fast.
I want to spend the most time possible with…
My family.
Sharks or spiders, what are the most scary?
Spiders, I hate spiders.
When they make a movie of your life who would play Lewis Hamilton
I have no idea.
If I could turn back time I would
Probably as a girl out that I didn’t ask out.
I could always spare 10 minutes for
A cup of tea.
What I’ve always wanted to do but never dared to is…
Nothing, I’ve done everything I’ve dared to do.
My favourite childhood memory is…
Racing Go-Kart.
Does the word impossible exist in your life?
The most inspirational things somebody ever said to you
“Never give up”, my dad.

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