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The Ritz-Carlton: A digital travel journey

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The Ritz-Carlton invites its digital audiences to explore its universe through the eyes and experiences of their fellow travellers.

Connected under the hashtag #RCMemories, guests can now document and share their stay at The Ritz-Carlton hotels directly on social media networks, and browse through thousands of other user-generated pictures, to have a glimpse of the true Ritz-Carlton experience, and become familiar with its several property portfolios.

Taking that up a notch, and to further develop the #RCMemories universe, guests can now further engage, and share photos representing their favourite memories with the hotel chain and fellow guests, through the “Your Memories” digital exhibition on

“Your Memories is a one-of-a-kind space that is populated entirely with user-generated content and allows us to watch memories as they unfold and where travellers can come back again and again to see new memories as they are made. It’s a tribute to memories and travel from The Ritz-Carlton,” says Clayton Ruebensaal, vice-president of global marketing at the luxury hotel chain.

Users can share pictures displayed on the “Your Memories” page within their social media circles.

Furthermore, the Ritz-Carlton mobile application offers new means by which users can enhance their quick travel pictures, making them as visually attractive as possible, and tag The Ritz-Carlton property they visited. This is done through new filters, design features and destination stamps that have been introduced to the app.

The mobile app in the Middle East features Ritz-Carlton hotels in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so users can remember their stay in the region, and share their best pictures and memories with the hotel and the entire world, through social media.

“The Ritz-Carlton brand is positioned on our ability to create memories for our guests. The number one way travellers share their memories is with photos on social media. This brings those two things together by pulling the curtain back on the real live memory making at our hotels,” Ruebensaal adds.

The hotel chain is well aware that the value of a photo lies not only in its aesthetic quality, but also in the memory it evokes. Ritz-Carlton holidays do not end after you checkout, they last forever.

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