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Luxury brands flock to Instagram


The social networking app is grabbing brands’ attention everywhere and luxury automotive brands seem to be the early adopters, according to recent reports.

Instagram has demonstrated more traction than any other platform in 2013 and it registered the strongest year-on-year growth among mobile apps,” says Scott Galloway, founder of L2, a think tank for digital innovation.

According to online statistics portal, Statista, 60 per cent of luxury automakers are regularly using the social platform to promote their products and engage with their customers. It is a significant number knowing that 21 per cent of car consumers heavily use the platform.

When it comes to retailers, 67 per cent of luxury retail brands are using Instagram as opposed to only 33 per cent of traditional retailers using the platform to engage with their audience. Brands using Instagram are always innovating to satisfy their audience who spend an average of 257 minutes a day scrolling through their content.

“People turn to social media for inspiration, outfit ideas and to determine how to buy,” explains Sharon Hughes, a professor at London College of Fashion, during a talk at the most recent Fashion Forward (FFWD). “When brands finally realised this, it became the place to be.”


The social media app is rolling out an advertising platform, similar to the one on Facebook, allowing brands to advertise their products. The advertising service is still at its early stages but brands such as Michael Kors were quick to jump in and witnessed an increase in followers 16 times superior to the one brought about by their traditional non-paid campaigns.

“Luxury brands can only really be exclusive if the average consumer desires it, but can’t have it,” says Sebastian Dyer, founder of Texture Creative, a UK-based agency servicing luxury brands. “Savvy luxury brands understood that allowing aspirants to peek under the curtain and gain a glimpse of the luxury lifestyle will help keep their brand alive, while access to it will still be limited to the affluent.”

In the Middle East, a tech-savvy region, luxury brands dived deep into the digital universe with regular campaigns and hashtags offering local clientele a peek into their universe.

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