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Luxury brands take over social media

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Forty six per cent of web users look towards social media when making a purchase, reveals research.

Web portal development company Go-Gulf released its Businesses on Social Media infographic last month (September), focusing on the statistics and trends of the social media platform.

“People turn to social media for inspiration, outfit ideas and to determine how to buy,” explains Sharon Hughes, a professor at London College of Fashion, during a talk at Fashion Forward (FFWD) earlier this month. “When brands finally realised this, it became the place to be.”

Roughly 83.8 per cent of luxury brands are present on Pinterest, according to Go-Gulf.

“If you are trying to sell to your customers, Pinterest is the place to be,” explains Hughes. “Pinterest has a higher dollar amount in sales to customers than Facebook ever did.”

According to Go-Gulf, 67 per cent of luxury retail brands are socially active on Instagram, when compared with luxury automobile brands.

“Heritage brands, such a Hermès, Karl Lagerfeld and so on, did not buy into social media at first, they thought that it would devalue the brand. However, everyone else did and they swooped in like a hawk,” states Hughes.

Although social media was not luxury brands’ first go-to platform, they have now entered in full force.

Have a look at the infographic below to see social media’s success to date.

Businesses on Social Media - Statistics and Trends

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