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Round two: arab luxury world kick-starts second edition


arab luxury world, the key annual regional conference on the business of luxury, opened the doors to its second edition on Monday.

The two-day annual event serves as a successful platform for members of several sectors from the luxury industry to interact, share and exchange knowledge, as well as insights.

“Business is dynamic in this part of the world and consumers are evolving. arab luxury world is a way for brands and distributors to keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in this part of the world,” says Julien Hawari, co-CEO at Mediaquest, the mother company of Luxurymena and the organiser of arab luxury world.

“What we are expecting this year is to have this open discussion between the brands, the mall developers, the retailers, the distributors and the service providers on the challenge and opportunity for the luxury industry for the coming few years,” he adds, ahead of the conference.

The conference is hosting more than 100 regional and international speakers who have come to share their insights and discuss relevant topics across approximately 40 plenary and breakout sessions.

Breakout sessions are closed and off the record, allowing the industry figures to speak openly and freely about specifics they may not share publicly, valuing the confidentiality demanded by high-net-worth-individuals that are serviced by luxury brands.

“Confidentiality is the cornerstone of building trust with our HNW customers. Customer information is not shared with any third-party outside of the organisation,” Fahd El Bouchikhi, Chief Operating Officer at Mouawad, the jewellery company, says.

Speaking about the region’s luxury market scene, Bouchikhi says, “There is an increasing competition for wallet share in the region, with more service and goods providers targeting HNWI.”

Numerous subjects tackling the business of luxury are being discussed at arab luxury world and organisers and participants are confident that these will cover topics across the spectrum.

“The agenda is full; it goes from social media, to fashion trends, to retail, to in-depth research; so, it is a huge programme that is concentrated into two days,” Hawari explains.

“It really touches the entire ecosystem that works in the luxury field,” he concludes.


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