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Rolls-Royce taps into the UAE’s equestrian heritage


With the Dubai World Cup just around the corner, the British luxury car manufacturer unveils bespoke ‘Al Adiyat’ collection inspired by the Arabian heritage of equestrianism.

This new bespoke collection, which comprises the Wraith and Phantom Coupé, is the result of several years of research in the brand’s bespoke facility in Goodwood, England.

The collection features the colours St. James Red, Arctic White and Infinity Black, all inspired by the deep tones and rich hues that characterise the coats of Arabian thoroughbreds.

“Horses are an integral part of Arabian heritage and often associated with royalty and luxury in the region, so these unique bespoke vehicles draw immense parallels with these associations, while maintaining the sophistication that Rolls-Royce vehicles epitomise,” says Arno Husselmann, general manager of Abu Dhabi Motors, the world’s top reseller of Rolls-Royce motors.

The horse theme is present throughout the interior design of the cars with gold horses sewed in the seats, as well as a horse design on the doors.

“The war horses that the name ‘Al Adiyat’ refers to convey ferocity, dynamism and agility; attributes that are faithfully represented by the Phantom Coupe and Wraith, two of the most powerful and prominent models in the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars vehicle portfolio,” adds Husselmann.

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