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Top three things Middle Eastern luxury customers look for

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Although brands must stay true to their identities, they must also take into account the fact that customers don’t look for the same things in products. speaks with Alban Belloir, managing director of the Middle East and India at Van Cleef & Arpels, about what he has noticed in the Middle Eastern customer.

Belloir explains that the top three things which Middle Eastern customers look for are: iconic design, the opportunity to wear a product on a daily basis and colour.

Iconic design

“I would say that first, they look for an iconic design,” explains Belloir. “A design that is recognisable immediately.” A product must have a signature style, Belloir states.

Daily wear

“Daily wear is also extremely important in the region because jewellery is part of pepole’s habits,” explains Belloir.

Fashionable colours

With the fashion world taking centre stage in the region, it is extremely important to stay up to date with trends and styles. “Ladies in the region are very fashionable, they want to be on top of the trend at all times and be the first to wear a certain product,” explains Belloir. “They like to accessorise their clothes with jewellery, bags and watches.”


The Middle East has become synonymous with luxury products, enabling both high demand and high expectations. This has made it crucial for luxury brands to alter their propositions to accommodate their regional clients, all the while staying true to their brand heritage.

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