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Is digital important in the luxury industry?

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With the digital age taking over most industries, the luxury industry has taken its time to tap into the online platform.

Why? That is a good question. Let’s find out… speaks with Asil Attar, CEO of Lead Associates, about the importance of digital in the luxury industry.

With Lead Associate’s strong existence in the retail industry in the Middle East, Attar recently initiated its presence online, launching a website and multiple social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

“The digital platform is an important medium in every industry, it is the key marketing tool and driver for conveying your company message, services, values and above all your approach, the accessibility allows you to communicate 24 7 365 to a global audience in any geography,” explains Attar.

The business aspect of creating the online platform for Lead Associates is invaluable, Attar continues to explain, “to have the ability to reach our potential customers, share our bespoke services, showcase our expertise and allow us to communicate not only our business approach but the importance of social responsibility as a representation of the ethics and values in what we deliver, this is a top priority for me.”

With numerous brands now moving to the online platform, information is key. “So many websites today have information overload, too many effects being used, flash this and flash that, confusing in their message, I wanted Lead Associates to be elegant, simple, creative, easy to navigate and most importantly reflect how we are as a business,” states Attar.

Although the digital world seems to be a large focus in the luxury and retail industry, digital will never replace bricks and mortar, Attar explains. “Digital is a means to reach a wider audience, however, customers will still want to emotionally engage with a brand and have the full on brand experience, especially in this region, where retail is very much a social event, there is still much to learn between the collaboration of digital and bricks and mortar,” concludes Attar.

Although Attar represents her own brand in the region, agencies represent numerous brands; therefore we also spoke with Piero Poli, the general manager of Havas Digital Middle East, about his views about brands moving onto the online platform.

“For the last two years, there has been an increase in the willingness and bravery of luxury brands to use online in more and more innovative ways,” explains Poli, in an interview with earlier this year.

“The biggest challenge in moving luxury brands to the online platform is intelligent bravery,” states Poli, “the intelligence these brands require from their agencies to justify why and the bravery of these brands to actually do it.”

With numerous luxury brands now moving towards becoming digital, brands seem to be becoming increasingly braver to tap into the online platform.

The only question that continues to stand is when will brands let go of the fear and jump into the deep end? What is the worst that could happen?

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