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Guerlain leads ‘Made in France’ movement with ‘La Ruche’


The French skincare and fragrance brand inaugurates a new state-of-the-art production site to strengthen its ‘Made in France’ vision.

Named ‘La Ruche’ (the beehive), the factory is the brainchild of Guerlain’s CEO, Laurent Boillot, and was born out of the brand’s dedication to excellence through quality, technology and sustainability. Guerlain has been committed, since 1828, to producing its line in France, offering customers the best of the French cosmetic tradition. Nonetheless, Boillot has been working on innovative ideas to take the iconic brand to the next level since 2007, he is responsible for the creation of La Petite Robe Noir, as well as the revamp of the brands Champs Elysées boutique.

“Since the creation of its first production facility 187 years ago, Guerlain has always exclusively manufactured its products in France,” explained Boillot. “La Ruche showcases the pairing of high technology with the unique know-how of our 350 staff members; it will assist us in meeting the challenges over the coming years.”

La Ruche covers the entire production chain, from reception of raw materials to packaging of the final products, whether it is skincare or fragrance. The new facility is poised to create 350 new jobs and should put Guerlain ahead of its competitors by centralising the production.

The production plant boasts top-notch environment-friendly equipment and design, providing natural light – thanks to its glass structure – and employing rainwater recovery devices.

“This ultra-high-tech facility is in line with the group’s strategy, which is to consistently promote, in France, its expertise in fragrance and cosmetics and its capacity for developing the best products while complying with the highest quality standards required,” said Bernard Arnault, president and CEO at the LVMH group.

In a market where brands bet on authenticity and history to sell, and given France’s celebrity as the go-to destination for fashion, cosmetics and fragrances, the ‘Made in France’ campaign orchestrated by Guerlain is undoubtedly a move in the right direction.

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