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Fauchon to open its first luxury hotel in Paris


The Fauchon group is diversifying its portfolio and will enter the hospitality market in 2018.

The brand – famous for the eye-catching fuschia in its branding – will open a luxury five-star hotel in Place de la Madeleine, Paris. According to the development director, Samy Vischel, this hospitality venture is a natural move for the company. “Fauchon today is more than just a deli house; it’s a lifestyle, a customer experience,” he says.

Michel Ducros, the main shareholder of the company, insists that this is a new strategic investment for the company. “The opening of the first [Fauchon] hotel in Paris meets a clearly defined development strategy set by the brand,” he notes. “When it comes to luxury and the art of French living, Fauchon is a worldwide ambassador.”

The hotel will include 60 rooms and a café on the ground floor, all embodying the brand’s signature ‘urban chic’ style. Fauchon will be renting the building from Qatar National Bank.

The new venue is also set to host one of the two Fauchon restaurants already on Place de la Madeleine after it relocates from its current address – 30 Place de la Madeleine – where it has been since 1886. The second venue is not too far away, located at 26 Place de la Madeleine. The landmark square – which is one of seven sites the city of Paris plans to renovate and upgrade by 2020 – has always attracted a host of French and international gourmets.

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