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‘Exception Is a Privilege’


Eventissime By Julia is a Paris-based brand that organises tailor-made luxury private events in the most prestigious French landmarks.

On the sidelines of the brand’s recent launch in Dubai, LuxuryMena sits with Julia Baudin, the brand’s founder, to learn more about this exclusive service.

The concept behind Eventissime By Julia is to offer access to the most exclusive places in France. The brand is catering to UHNWI around the world, with a recent focus on the Middle East’s elite.

“We offer exclusive experiences to our clients – once-in-a-lifetime events. Whether you want to privatise a castle or an iconic landmark for a dinner or wedding, we can make it happen,” assures Baudin, explaining that her ability to privatise certain places come from 25 years of professional experience and networking. “Most of the people I deal with are my friends and trust me.”

Confidentiality is the key when it comes to dealing with UHNWI and with iconic landmarks. She adds, “We can organise events in certain monuments, museums and other landmarks, but we – and our clients – have to remain discreet about it.”

Nevertheless, Baudin let us in on two of the packages Eventissime By Julia offers:

One is bespoke personal fragrances from Maison Guerlain: “Eventissime By Julia has built a synergy with Maison Guerlain, 68 Champs Elysées, Paris, to provide guests with their very own bespoke perfume. They will be the holders of the recipe of this unique fragrance – for life. These ‘bespoke fragrances’ and ‘private collection’ perfumes are custom creations, made to reflect the individuality of each commissioning client.”

The second is a private photo session with famed Parisian Studio Harcourt: “Since 1934, Studio Harcourt is a myth. It has portrayed, in the most glamorous way, hundreds of celebrities in films, literature, art and fashion. Eventissime By Julia has a close collaboration with Studio Harcourt to offer its guests exceptional photos that bring out their natural glow and their unique personality.”

On top of her catalogue of venues and experiences, Baudin can also tailor packages for everyone’s demands. And with Ramadan around the corner, we can be sure that her Middle Eastern clients will want access to some exclusive experiences during their summer vacations.


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